Paradox Mindset Inventory

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As our world becomes increasingly global, fast-paced and complex, we face mounting competing demands, goals and expectations.

You may face pressure, for example, to reach globally while addressing local demands, to plan and schedule while being flexible and adaptive, and more. This survey explores how you view and manage tensions arising from these multiple demands.

This survey was created and validated with over 1,600 people from the United States, Singapore, China and Israel and has been used since with thousands of people around the globe. You can read more information about the science behind the survey here.

This survey asks you to answer questions about your experience of tensions, as well as general demographic questions about yourself, which will eventually allow us to provide you with more specific feedback that compares your scores to other people similar to you.

People usually take between 5-10 minutes to complete all the questions on the survey. If you feel uncomfortable, you can stop taking the survey at any time. Click “Take Survey” below to continue to the survey.

People may see these goals, demands and ideas differently, and therefore, have various strategies to cope with these issues. This survey explores how you view and manage tensions arising from these multiple demands.

We will continue this line of research to refine our collective insights about how people manage competing demands. The results of your survey may be used in future research projects.

If you have any questions about how the data is being used, have any concerns about the data or have additional questions about the research and about a paradox mindset, please Contact Us.

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